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  • Date with older guy: 81%
  • Beauty: 9.1
  • Family Oriented: 9.5
  • Ease of Seduction: 9.7

Considering Russian brides

Why do real Russian brides are so appealing to men all over the world? And why do they so appealing to men of the West? In this article, we are reviewing their traits, looking at their pros and cons, and telling a bit about the best websites to find a Russian bride online. Enjoy the new knowledge!

Facts about beautiful Russian women

  1. Family is important to her. She wants to have children, raise them and take care of them. She sees her continuation in children. A husband is the one who gives her support and financial security (even though she can work herself if her man is not bringing enough money to the family).
  2. Family traditions within patriarchal outlooks. Hot Russian women stick to classical ways of family roles: a man earns money and helps sometimes. She does all the house chores (cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishwashing, and maybe even some gardening) and takes care of children. 
  3. She just gotta look great and sexy. Men in Russia and in most countries of the world love with eyes. Surely, they also largely appreciate Russian women who are wonderful emotional and physical supporters but nobody has ever canceled the great look. Sexiness is one of the feminine traits (not to be confused with ‘feminist’), so single Russian women strive to cater to an eye and to the body of men. They rightly consider that if they look as sloven, fat, and greasy as Western women, they will never gain a decent husband. So, they don’t hold in their heads anything that would interfere with their nice appearance. So you can expect a Russian bride to wear nice makeup, fancy clothes, and light scent of perfumes even when she is only two minutes out on the street to throw away the garbage. When she’s at work or meets with her friends, she looks even more appealing. And when you need her to be your ‘+1’ to some outdoor event, she will overshadow every woman present there, you can be sure of that.
  4. She loves to work hard but also she loves to rest. Dancing until she drops 4 hours straight, drinking like 10 adult men, having sex like a demon succubus (Lilith), which only needs lust from you. She is likely to support your extreme activities like rafting, hiking, biking, and speedy riding. Depending on the level of energy of a woman you’re choosing, she can become a wonderful companion for your indoor and outdoor activities.

Traditions or upbringing of Russian wives

  1. As Russia is generally a poor (12% of the population live in poverty) and cold (more than 60% of its territory is covered with never-melting snow) country, people there learn how to survive from a young age. Boys and girls since early childhood are taught how to cook, clean, wash dishes, buy products, make laundry, help with house chores, not to freeze to death on the street, and so on. So you can expect your wife to know everything perfectly (if only she does not originate from a very wealthy family, as it is considered indecent for rich fellows in Russia to know how to do all these). Also, as paid housekeeping services in Russia are very rare and extremely expensive (it can take up to 50% of an average monthly salary to clean up the apartment once), nobody uses them there and so most people do all house chores themselves. This can also save your budget when you marry one of the Russian brides.
  2. In terms of cooking, this is much more than just 5-10 dishes that she knows how to cook (which make the huge difference of Russian mail order brides from Western women). At any point in time, she has over 100 dishes’ recipes in her head. If she doesn’t know something – she is ready to search for a recipe online to cook a dish she has never done. She loves to experiment in the kitchen – to her joy and to the joy of her husband and children. 
  3. A woman has to be self-sufficient and strong. Actually, the upbringing in Russia is so that everyone has to be self-sufficient and strong – men and women. They are taught to rely only on selves in life – as we’ve told you already – Russia is a poor and cold country. Also add here that it is unfriendly and unwelcoming (actually, think of it like of North Korea only with poorer population, more restrictive laws, and 10 years lesser expectancy of living amongst men) – and you will have a pretty big picture of what Russia is like. If you have heard of its amazing natural resources and breathtaking cities and rich museums – this is also true but bear in mind that natural resources in Russia only belong to a handful of people utilizing all money received from them, breathtaking city is only Petergof, a small Versailles-like municipality, which is a museum, not a living place, and most of the Russian museums are poorer than a church mouse (only one is thriving actually – Hermitage, a museum in Saint Petersburg). It’s pretty much like Dominicana – a vastness of rich yet dilapidating buildings in big cities and a poor population who only thinks about survival. 

Why a regular Russian woman is an excellent option of Russian bride?

First, think of the Russian dilapidating state of the economy. Russian GDP is only 1.95% of the world’s while the territory is thrilling 6,612,100 square miles! For comparison, the US’s GDP is 26.5% of the world’s, with the land of 3,800,000 square miles, which makes it land-wise 23.6 times more effective usage of their territory in terms of production of GDP per 1 square mile. 

Now as you know how bad with the economy it is in Russia, you have a perfect idea of the first reason why men and women tend to leave this country going elsewhere. Russian wives are ready to find a loving husband in the West because it will give them a chance to live in a country with a healthy economy, raise children with the capability of predicting their fate, and giving them a nice education, which is simply impossible in poor and criminal Russia. 

Below, we are considering more reasons why Russian single girls are a fine choice for you. 

Russian girls’ facts

How to woo Russian women

Wooing online differs in possibilities that men and women have. They are limited with textual chats & video cam shares only. So, you should put it straight directly: tell your goals and strivings, why you’re here, what type of woman you’re searching for. Remember the things she tells you, be attentive and show your sense of humor. Do everything you would have done on an offline date and don’t do things you wouldn’t have done. 

What Russian women expect from their future husbands

  1. Love. It’s impossible to live without love for Russian mail order brides. Even if they had wealth and real estate, a fancy car, and a limitless credit card, they would be still longing to love, as their life would have been pale without it. Surely, it does not concern gold diggers, who don’t care about any heart feelings at all. But you have to filter them out (and you’ve gotta know how to do it if you’re older than 35).
  2. Attention. She is not your toy. Yes, she may look like a super sexy girl with legs going from her ears and super smooth tanned skin, always ready for sex, but she is a human, too. With her fears, hopes, expectations, and insecurities. Attention is very important in marriage for both – and you have to provide it to her. 
  3. Support. Financial support is not even negotiable – she’s here to marry you, to give you herself, her mind and body, and she is not here to work or cannot work just yet (unless she went to a Western country with working visa and you’ve met on the street). She is here to become your wife; she is ready to run your house and be a nice lover for you, expecting that you will simply continue performing what you have been performing before – earning money. You receive home coziness and a million things that are included in this notion, while you give her food and shelter. It seems like a pretty fair deal. 

Why Russian women want to escape their country to become mail order brides

  1. To find a caring and loving husband, who will actually be a kind person.
  2. To escape the poor economy. 
  3. To make her life level better in terms of everything – nutrition, medicine, shopping, services, giving birth to and raising children, as well as giving them a good education. 
  4. To live in an environment not restrictive but allowing, where humanity can thrive.

What to expect from girls from Russia during the marriage

  1. Excellent cooking skills on a constant basis. According to one study, 78% of Russian women cook at home every day. But that does not mean that only 78 out of 100 Russian mail order brides will cook, while others will eat with you only in restaurants (if she does that – divorce her immediately). That only means that 5 days out of 7, she cooks, while at the weekend, she rests and you eat dishes that she has cooked during those 5 days. She needs to have rest and she’ll have it.
  2. Wonderful sex. The quality of it will only become better with years, as you study your partner and her wishes. Any Russian mail order bride is completely devoted to making love with her husband – that includes all types of experiments you can come up with.
  3. Forget about a maid. Your wife from Russia will keep your house clean and shiny on her own.
  4. Wiser spending of the family budget. 

How to date Russian women

You have to understand that it is only half of the business to make a Russian girl like you. You have to be liked by her family, too. In this, she is much like girls from Latin America. Approval of the family is an important step, which you have to pass and you simply cannot get rid of it. But the likable fact is that everyone in Russia wants their children girls to marry foreign men, as it will open the world for them. So even before they know you personally, her family likes you at 90% because you are a westerner.

As we’re here considering online dating, many things are skipped from the offline world (like the stage of meeting one another, wooing, and getting to know each one better through numerous dates). When you come to her country to see her for the first time in person (or taking her to your country for the same goal in a tourist trip), you, as a rule, have very constrained time to spend together. So most grooms of the West decide during 1 or 2 dates whether they’ve clicked with a woman enough to marry her or not. 

Education of Russian brides

This is a pretty controversial point. Everyone knows and the Russian government screams at every corner about the literacy level in 99.7% of all people in the country over 15. But they do forget to mention that ‘literacy’ means the ability to write and read. Nothing more, just that. So, every adolescent of 15 years old can at least write down their own name and read it – pretty enough to be called ‘literal’. Other things that are not told are:

That means that the largest percentage of people in Russia cannot calculate, don’t know a foreign language, and have never attended university or, at least, college. Definitely, a Russian lady does not want the same destiny for their children – they want to have them to be literal, well educated, and capable of contending at a really good job. And that also means that you will have to take your wife to English lessons to make her speak it at least passable.

Myths about a Russian wife

  1. They do not demand anything. It’s hard to believe that a normal woman would not like a car, fancy apparel, or money for beauty salons. Russians also want those. 
  2. They all want to get married and do not think of a career. First of all, if you don’t plan children in your marriage, your Russian wife is likely to want to pursue a career – because only running a house will make her having a lot of free time, eventually. She has to be busy with something else or she will get bored.
  3. They all have the same character as women of West do. That’s not true. Russian singles are born and brought up in completely different conditions. They do have similarities in some things and the looks at Western values but it would be wrong to consider they all think the same. However, beautiful Russian girls will likely adapt to new living conditions and outlooks pretty fast.
  4. They also support feminism. That is one of the biggest lies that are only met about Russian girls for marriage. They support being feminine – meaning, sensual, groomed, and sexual, to cater to men’s pleasing. But they hate being feministic, as it means that they have to be sloppy, with greasy hair, wearing dirty nonsense instead of apparel, and smell like a sewer. Also, it means not shaving off armpits and groins, which they will be terrified about. If Western women are crazy enough to let this happen to their bodies, pretty Russian girls love their bodies too much to make them so dilapidated. 
  5. English is popular in their country. They do worship everything connected to English and the USA (and they hate it simultaneously as the rejected lover hates and loves the object of his admiration at the same time – that’s just the phenomenon of Russian wife). But the thing is that only meager 5% of the Russian population knows English at a basic level. It seems like being in extreme poverty is more popular in Russia (12% of the population) than to know English (5%). So the first thing you do after you take a girl to your home – is taking her to extensive English classes to make her speak more or less nicely in a year or two. 

Russian dating sites

  1. It has over 2,000 girls online in any given time, 9.8 stars (out of 10) of user rating and 91% reply rate. The level of girls online will change depending on the time of the day, holidays or not, weekend/working day, etc. The levels of user rating and reply rate are calculated automatically based on the actions that happen (users leaving their feedback and letters that are being answered by ladies. The system takes into account the first letters and chats of men who send them to women and counts the responses of ladies to those chats and letters so to estimate the current rate). We found pretty much the same approach in the rest of the Russian dating sites, so we are just giving you their current stats, not repeating the principles.
  2. Russian mail order bride website (2,000+ girls online, 93% reply rate, 9.3 user rating).
  3. to date Russian beauties (2,000+ girls online, 89% reply rate, 8.5 user rating).
  4. (1,000+ girls online, 91% reply rate, 8.6 user rating).
  5. (2,000+ girls online, 85% reply rate, 8.8 user rating).

Needless to say, that the higher the reply rate is, the lesser chats and letters from you will be sent into the void. So you may be sure that the rate over 80% is a very high chance to be answered – thus, you know what you’re paying for.

Now let’s briefly observe the process of finding a Russian woman using any of those sites (it’s similar everywhere in basic steps):

  1. Registration. It will only take 1-3 minutes from you, without unnecessary information asked by the dating sites.
  2. The next step is of the utmost importance: creating your detailed profile. It’s completely understood that nobody wants to deal with empty profiles, as it says about three things: a) laziness of its owner who did not want to fulfill it; b) a probability of non-existence of a person behind this profile, and c) the impossibility to deal with such a profile, as it tells nothing about its owner. No wonder empty profiles are avoided – and if yours is empty, well, it’s a great chance to oblivion instead of finding a woman of your dreams. So please, make sure to fill in every field that system offers you, attach nice pictures, and write free-text information about yourself (a representation letter), which would make it clear for girls investigating your profile, what kind of a person is in front of them. If you are a military or police/security officer – it would be nice to attach pictures of you in the uniform (ladies love that). If you are a civilian – wear your best suit and take a professional picture in the profitable light (as ladies also love established men). 
  3. Start your searches in the lists of Russian ladies. Every single website offers the possibility to make a search based on criteria. Those can be the level of education, height and weight, the color of hair and eyes, social status, age, and other, including the availability in her profile of a Russian brides’ photo. Depending on how precise you are, you are going to receive from tens to thousands of results. Your task at this stage is to narrow down the search results of profiles of Russian women so you can become acquainted with them all.
  4. Pick ladies to your liking from the database of Russian brides and start chats with them or write them letters. The more activity you are going to show at this and the previous stage the better your chances are to obtain the result.
  5. Talk to every potential Russian bride on the list that shows reciprocity for as long as it takes you to understand that she is the one with whom you’d love to continue the conversation in person.
  6. Go to her country to meet a Russian bride to have a date (or dates) with a selected woman (or women). Bear in mind that it might take several weeks for you to visit several ladies (considering that it usually takes 2-3 days for 1 lady but it’s highly individual and depends on your chemistry if any). It would be awesome if they all lived in the same city. But if not – well, you’ve gotta travel to different cities. Consider that Russia is mostly a cold and vastly huge country, so visiting it better in summer. 
  7. After you will have picked a lady, which you consider the one, it is time to make paperwork to move her to your country and marry. The best marriage agencies always help their clients to do that.

So, are you ready for happiness? Then go meet Russian girl online right now!

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